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lampa for you designed by Mario Tessarolo

Lampa’s light, charm and cone-shaped structure is undoubtedly the perfect mix to make the coldest and most impersonal room look warm and unique.

The combination of aluminium and tecno gel (an exclusive made-in-Italy polyurethane gel) makes it visually attractive and soft to touch – now with an extra kick!

Thanks to a meticulously detailed project and the use of innovative materials & technological solutions you can customise any ambient lightning more and more…and here’s the result! When it comes to the aluminium alloy cone, you can choose among a wide range of colours. Plus, you can replace Lampa’s lampshade (8-light is open to ideas of designers interested in proposing new shapes)

Moreover, Lampa’s internal battery charging technology is wireless – that’s why you’ll find it very easy to place anywhere even at the last minute.



Lampa, the right balance between shape and volume; stands out from its original forms with the combination of aluminum and Tecno gel.

Lampa was created with just two elements, the cone structure and the lampshade that can also be customized by the end user.

The Tecno gel lampshade can be replaced by the user without the use of tools.

The LED technology, positioned at a height of 25cm, allows you to illuminate a table with all the objects placed on it.

Light can be modulated with three different light intensities or with the included dimmer. It is possible to use its light source to illuminate and create an atmosphere on a table for a dinner, a reception area, an entrance furniture, a lounge area for a convivial aperitif and many other situations where it is necessary to share spaces.

Any color requested by the customer can be evaluated.

The LED lighting emits natural white diffused light of the latest generation, adjustable both in intensity and color temperature depending on the atmosphere to be created.

The internal battery charging technology is wireless without connecting any cables.


DIMENSIONS 120x277mm
COMPOSITION Alluminium and Tecno gel
SHORE 000 = 60
BRIGHTNESS dimmable, 3 levels of intensity
POWER SUPPLY cordless: with integrated batteries, wireless or micro USB charging
BATTER LIFE from 7 – 100 hours (depending on the power selected)
LIGHT COLOUR TEMPERATURE / white 2700 – 6500 K
CRI 80
Patent pending

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