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Here at 8-light, we produce unique objects that are simple to use and skilfully blend aesthetics, innovation and function in a perfect package exuding the qualities associated with the Made in Italy brand.
In 8-light products, the latest cutting-edge technologies are leveraged in the name of everyday comfort thanks to exclusive partnerships and collaborations with leading Italian designers.

8-light: a light burning with passion

All our creations stem from a single common denominator by the name of passion.
Passion for the Made in Italy brand, which takes our unmistakable know-how and expert craftsmanship across the world. Technology, innovation, and passion for design turn everyday objects into something unique.

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Every 8-light product is designed to be used, admired and touched, engaging the senses in perfect harmony. Function becomes an experience to be enjoyed, the object serving a purpose now serving to delight.
Our 8-light values are embodied in our painstaking choice of materials: the vitality and warmth of wood, the softness and exceptional wonderfulness of Tecno gel®.
All these elements come together to make our creations the perfect marriage between elegance and function, standing out for their striking originality.


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