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adele branddesigned by Giulio Gianturco – Customisable lamp


Already marked by a special attention to detail, ADELE is now enriched by something that makes it even more exclusive: we offer you the opportunity to customise it by inserting your logo in GEL. You’ll get a design product – tailor-made for you.

Tecno gel-based, high-tech LED lamp with 3 brightness steps and a battery power source with wireless charger. It is well suited for creating special, soft light effects indoors and outdoors; submerged in GEL, your logo lights up and creates an exclusive reference.

  • No need to connect cables
  • 3 lighting levels + dimming
  • Light scattering over the entire surface
  • Back-lighted logo with color effects – visible at a distance
  • GEL-based structure
  • International Patent Pending

Make your ADELE unique. We can customise our products and make them unique. It can be a picture, a message, a name or a logo – immersed in Tecno gel.

When the lamp is off, your picture, message, name or logo is visible; when the lamp is on, the backlight creates special effects. You can use it to recognise your boat, customise your garden design or make an exclusive corporate present with your own logo.

Get popular, sponsor your company, insert your logo and make a gift that will make you unique.

Each logo or image will be evaluated by our technical office, which will support you during this lovely experience.


Touch me. Turn me on. Add a unique touch to the place where you live, work, unwind.

Don’t be fooled by its clean, functional design: Adele brand is an 8-light lamp that will surprise you thanks to its features that make it a unique item, also because you can customise it by adding your logo.
Adele brand can create soft natural light effects. In this way, it makes every room cozy, intimate, and special by beaming your logo. Thanks to its soft touch material, it’s extremely soft: dare touch it and you won’t be able to stop.

Adele brand is an extremely adaptable lamp, both for indoor and outdoor use. Its cordless technology makes it a perfect lamp that can be placed everywhere with no need to worry about having electrical sockets or unaesthetic cables within reach. That’s why it’s ideal for outdoor use: not only gardens and swimming pools, but also boats. Adele brand does not fear atmospheric agents, such as water, sunlight, or wind. Moreover, once placed on the desired surface, this lamp is perfectly stable.

The exclusive, made-in-Italy Tecno gel, from which it is made, makes Adele brand a soft and unique lamp. Adele is also suitable for public or professional environments where this product can be handled without any special care. Thanks to your logo, its beauty will always stay intact and unique.

“Adele brings about an emotional response.
Touching the lamp makes you want to stroke it, squash it, squeeze it.”
(G. Gianturco)

With its hi-tech features and 5/6 dimmable LEDs, it lets you create 3 different lighting levels, catering to every requirement and creating the right mood. And it never leaves you in the dark: Adele gives you between 7 and 100 hours of lighting, depending on the power setting.
With battery power source and equipped with two charging systems: wireless QI compatible and USB cable.

Adele’s originality was acknowledged with its selection for the ADI design award (index) 2018 and with the nomination for the Compasso d’Oro 2020 award.


DIMENSIONS 110 x150mm
WEIGHT 1,11 kg
SHORE 000 = 60
BRIGHTNESS dimmable, 3 default levels
POWER SOURCE: cordless, QI compatible wireless charger or micro-usb connection
BATTER LIFE from 7 – 100 hours (depending on the power selected)
CRI 80

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