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The Made in Italy brand is the common thread that ties all our products together, and it comes through at every stage of the process via which ideas are turned into reality: from the design to the materials used, from technology through to the assembly of each individual component.
It all comes together to make these proudly all-Italian 8-light objects unique and precious.

Find out more about how 8-light embraces the Made in Italy brand

Tecno gel® – a top-quality polyurethane gel that’s a distinctive feature of our creations, making them unique – is the product of an exclusive, innovative all-Italian manufacturing process.
The unmistakable, highly prized iroko wood, which comes from countries in equatorial Africa, is purchased by a carpenter in the enchanting Valstrona valley – one of the areas of Italy renowned for its woodworking – also nicknamed “Pinocchio’s valley” after the famous wooden puppets made here. The iroko wood is crafted here with extraordinary skill and talent into an essential component of the 8-light range.
And lastly, all materials making up the products are assembled here in Italy.

Even the paper used for the 8-light products’ packaging is strictly Italian made. The material in question is brown kraft paper that has the delicate task of not just protecting its contents, but of being the first distinctive visible embodiment of our philosophy: clean lines, unfussy design, teamed with the warmth of an artisan heart.
And let’s not forget all those other aspects that, while certainly less tangible, are undeniably unique in representing the design our country is famous for: the originality of the design, the harmony of form, the innovation that pairs beautifully with that all-essential know-how in terms of technology and R&D, the cornerstone of our every creation.

8-light objects are fuelled by Italian design and, in turn, convey its story with a surprising, unprecedented language. Owning them, using them, switching them on doesn’t mean just continuing their story, it means continuing the story of the one-of-a-kind Made in Italy brand.

Each 8-light creation can feature slight differences and individual traits in its materials. This is because there is no mass production: every single object is handcrafted, setting it apart from all other products, and injecting a healthy dose of added value.


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