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The Adele soft-touch lamp is perfect for use in public spaces and restaurants.
Its soft, adjustable light is great for creating atmosphere, while the clean, captivating look has been designed to add a special touch to any interior scheme, from the classical to the contemporary.
The Jack charging base is easily placed on tables, for use by customers should they need to charge their devices, and represents significant added value for an even more enjoyable visit.


_hugo _jack _adele

The Adele lamp is perfect for enhancing the interiors of Hotels and Resorts, whether used in public spaces, such as lobbies and restaurants, or private ones, like guest rooms and suites. Our Hugo and Jack 8-light charging bases are another great option. The former, the larger of the two, can be left in designated areas of the building for use by guests, while Jack – the smaller, cordless version – sits happily on tables in restaurant, cafe or lounge bar areas, as well as on bedside tables in the rooms, offering an additional amenity that’s sure to be appreciated.


_adele _hugo

Adele is ideal for lighting Wellness centre and Spa facilities. Its soft light is perfect for creating a wonderful, relaxing experience for customers to enjoy. Light is a therapy: Adele’s light induces a feeling of wellbeing and its specially designed look makes it a perfect complement.

The Hugo charging base, with its three handy stations, is ideal for placing in special areas for used by customers, who can charge their devices simply and securely.


8-light creations make an exclusive high-end and highly original business gift.
You can also order Adele, Hugo and Jack custom made for unique corporate items that are sure to be a hit.
Adele has two custom options, with a choice of colours for the internal light, and the ability to stamp wording into the gel that forms the exterior. Its charging base – which is useful for charging any latest generation smart device – can also be finished off with your choice of wording, phrases, names or corporate logos.
Lastly, there’s also the option of customizing the Hugo and Jack 8-light charging bases either with engraving in the actual iroko wood or by stamping the Tecno gel® they are made from.

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