Anyone wanting to order a large number of 8-light objects can choose to put their exclusive personal stamp on each product.
You can choose the colour of Adele’s light, thus creating special colour effects. Or you can have your chosen wording, name or logo stamped into the Technogel® either on the actual lamp or on the charging base, which can also be sold separately.
The base doesn’t have to be used just with Adele: it can actually be used to wirelessly charge any other latest generation smart device. And then there’s the distinctive packaging: an elegant box wrapped in refined brown kraft paper, which is a quality gift in itself.

You can even choose to customize our charging bases Hugo and Jack: the iroko wood part can be engraved. The resulting bases thus become objects destined to inject character into any interior, whether a private home or place of business, pairing the originality of the design with the personality of whoever chooses our creations.

This makes 8-light objects a powerful communication vehicle, bringing unmistakable refinement and perfect functionality to make a statement in any setting, enhancing its beauty. In line with the minimalist and clean-lined philosophy that is the distinguishing trait of each of our creations, 8-light products also make high-end corporate gifts, for something special that makes a lasting impression.

We’re always keen to partner with customers and work on co-branding projects by customizing our products. Feel free to get in touch!