As the designer Giulio Gianturco himself states, Adele “is waterproof, drop proof, offers high performance in terms of the runtime of its lithium-ion batteries”. And it doesn’t need ugly cables and power sockets to work. This makes the 8-light lamp an all-round product, at home anywhere on a boat, both inside and out. This is precisely why Adele is set to become a must-have, not just because of its technical features, but by virtue of its elegance, too. Beauty designed to stand the test of time.

With its innate refinement and warm light that can be adjusted to your individual preference, Adele makes an extraordinary accent piece for any boat interior, dialling up the conviviality when you’re entertaining, while also making the subtle mood of private, cosy spaces that much more special. At the same time, Adele adds the finishing touch on deck with its soft light, combining functionality – a must in outdoor settings like this – with striking good looks.

Even its extremely ergonomic size has been designed to make it practical to use and move around to wherever it’s needed. Its stability, splashproof, weatherproof and drop-proof qualities, along with long battery life, make Adele the perfect companion on any trip.

“Light is an emotion. It is something akin to music.
Some lights conjure up memories or thoughts with strong ties to our experiences, to our most memorable trips.”

(G. Gianturco)

The Adele lamp may well be one of these.